Improve the appearance of your complexion and even out your skin tone with this exclusive formula. Contains aloe vera, vitamin E and natural botanicals.

Forever Epiblanc

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  • Evens skin tone and brightens complexion.

    • Gently evens skin tone

    • Brightens the complexion

    • Diminishes appearance of dark spots

    • Vegetarian and vegan friendly

    • Gluten free


    Our busy lifestyles and exposure to the sun can make it hard to have the smooth, clear skin we want. Daily exposure to the elements can result in unwanted dark spots and blemishes.

    Our 100% stabilised aloe vera is an excellent base for natural botanicals found in Forever Epiblanc because it moisturises, soothes and helps other ingredients absorb deeper into your skin.

    Arbutin (bearberry), rumex occidentalis and natural vitamin E, work together to brighten the complexion and even skin tone while helping to diminish the appearance of dark spots. Forever Epiblanc is most effective when applied directly to blemishes or dark spots on the skin.

    Don’t let your daily routine keep you from enjoying the skin tone and brightness you want. Reach for Forever Epiblanc for skin that looks and feels its best thanks to the power of aloe and pure refreshing botanicals.