- About Balanced Living -

Aloe you! 

I'm Hugh, the owner and team leader here at Balanced Living. Primarily working in the Coaching industry helping my clients work towards success and prosperity, I am thrilled to be in the position I am to offer change. Our business started after I realised I wasn't quite providing my clients with everything they needed.

I started a journey to find a high quality product that would encourage good health and wellbeing while putting the customer first! After working through so many different companies and their products (and having some interesting experiences along the way), I discovered the Aloe Vera plant. 

As someone who suffers with Fibromyalgia, IBS and a weakened immune system, Aloe Vera seemed too good to be true and I was sure i'd never find an honest enough company to provide an honest product. Then came Forever. I bought a box of products and, in doing so, changed my life. 

I had found everything I was looking for and more, all rolled up in one company, and now, I can share it all with you!

- About Forever -

Forever provide you with the best quality Aloe Vera products on the market. It is a family run business spanning over 160 countries and growing, in total, 50 million Aloe plants per year. All plants are hand planted, grown and harvested. Rex Maughan, the founder of Forever, is a man who has changed the lives of thousands.


The methods and ethics at Forever are second to none, they have to be to get the reputation they have. The company is notorious for ;

- Putting people first

- Offering unparalleled opportunity

- Being socially responsible and ethical

- Product safety and quality

- Continually developing.

Not only does Forever have strict values when it comes to Aloe Vera, they also treat their Bee Hives in the same way. It is evident, throughout every step of the process, that Forever care deeply about the products, the farmers, the business owners and the customers.

It's thanks to Forever that I started Balanced Living and am in a position to offer you the same opportunity.

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